RCL Managed services for Small Office Home Office (SOHO)

RCL has spent years researching the best possible way to stop the bad guys from getting to your computer and personal information. The best form of protection can't be achieved by a single solution,

RCL has carefully tested and found the perfect combination of protection

Security Suite Include with our SOHO package is our advanced Antivirus and DNS protection with award winning backup solution. External drive is required. RCL can provide an external drive for a fee or you can use your own. Our SOHO package includes RCL Agent with 1 hour of remote support per desktop per month

  • Advanced Antivirus – Identity theft protection, protects your username, account numbers and other personal information. Secure browsing with real-time anti-phishing- blocks fake sites that trick you into entering personal information. Lightning fast scans- fast scans with no interruptions and it won’t slow down your devices. Webcam protection, detects and blocks webcam spying threats. US based company
  • DNS Protection —  Secure your DNS connection against cyber attacks, get total visibility into web usage, and enforce acceptable web usage policies to reduce risk. Your DNS connection is involved in every aspect of internet usage, but it's highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Not only do businesses need to secure their networks, endpoints, and users against the risks that come with uncontrolled web usage—they must also protect the connection itself.
  • Backup and disaster recovery, data protection, and managed system migration for Windows systems on virtual and physical machines. Recover systems, applications, and data to the same or different hardware or virtual environment. If you’re working in a hybrid environment, you’ll likely appreciate being able to run one backup and recovery software solution on all workstations and servers, whether physical or virtual. Backup Capture everything—systems, applications, configuration settings, services, data—so you don’t risk losing irreplaceable data, custom applications, or your operating system. Scheduling Run backups regularly, even while people work and you’ll never risk losing more than a few minutes of data. Remote Management RCL Systems will manage the backup agent on your machines. Testing Verify backup images to ensure they’re in a known good state for fast and reliable recovery. Recover a file or a folder or restore a whole system fast, to the same or different hardware, and avoid downtime and its costs. Migration Move a system to a new machine without losing uptime, and do so regardless of your hardware choice

Each and every one of our security and backup packages are monitored 24/7 with our agent-based application and will trigger a notification to our Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC generates a ticket using this information and notifies our technicians that investigate the issue.

All customers will have a customer portal that they can login to create a ticket and monitor the process of the service request. On your customer portal you can view all your tickets generated and the status of the tickets. Here you will see how hard our techs are working to keep your computers trouble free, and just because you didn’t call in a trouble ticket, we are still working in the background fixing minor issues so you can continue to work without any bother from a technician calling you to say I need on your computer to fix something, because a lot of the issues are resolved by RCL in the background via our agent and tech. RCL agent allows us to set schedules to keep your system up to date, to defrag your hard drives even alerts us if your hard drives are low on free space which can lead to performance issues and in fact we have dozen of performance monitors that scan and report or fix performance issues constantly. And when we install the antivirus, DNS Protection and RCL’s backup solution they too are closely monitored, that way if a missed backup or a virus or malware has been quarantined, immediately a ticket is created and RCL is alerted.

We are always there for you. How to reach our helpdesk when you have a computer problem. You will have many options, first in the computer tray down by your clock you will see an RCL icon, if you right click on it you can generate a ticket by simply filling out an explanation of your problem and click send, that’s if we don’t call you first you can email where a support ticket is generated and a team of technicians alerted via their email and text.

Your Security Matters

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$37.50 per Computers up to 5 Desktops and receive 1 free
hour of Remote Support per computer on contract. ($175.00 Value) Per Month
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