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Why You Can’t Just Rip Memory from Your Computer

Transferring data between different computers and devices has become a routine task. Let's explore the steps you need to take before ejecting memory from a computer to ensure your data's integrity and the memory card's longevity.

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Tip of the Week: Make Your Desktop Icons Bigger (or Smaller)

If you frequently use your desktop to store icons and files, and if you’re like most people who do this, you probably have a cluttered desktop that is difficult to manage. While you can and should take time to clean it up from time to time, one quick way you can do so is by adjusting the size of the icons found on your desktop.

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Keyboards Get Pretty Gross, Here’s the Safest Way to Clean It

The keyboard that you may very well have used to access this blog is, in a word, gross. While we aren’t going to go into too much detail about what makes keyboards so grimy, we did want to outline how you can easily clean up your keyboard every so often, just to make sure that it’s A: more hygienic, and B: less likely to malfunction at some point.

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Do We Really Need a Computer Feature to Tell Us We Need a Break?

Workplace stress has increasingly been focused on as a prescient problem for businesses, with an increased focus on identifying the causes and mitigating the impacts. A recently published patent from Microsoft helps to demonstrate how seriously this is now taken… although it also begs the question: do we really need technology’s help to identify when we feel stressed?

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Tip of the Week: How Serious is Blue Light Exposure, Really?

Every day, it seems like there’s a new threat to be concerned about. Obviously, there’s the big one that the whole world’s been dealing with, but there’s also the smaller things that we’re supposed to be worried about… like “blue light”, for example. What is that, and what can it really do?

As it turns out, blue light is more than just a marketing gimmick, and can potentially impact your health. Let’s go over a few tips to help you filter it out, and why you may want to do so.

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